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Can we Believe the Bible is God’s Word?

July-August 2023
Can we believe the Bible? Can we really trust that it is the inspired Word of God? Can we be confident that it is His divine revelation to humankind? These are vital questions, and we need to know the answers! So where can we find them? The reality is that the answers are all around us—in the discoveries of astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, archaeology and virtually any scientific field you want to name. But we need a mind that's open to the evidence. In this latest issue of Beyond Today, we look at the evidence from some of these scientific fields. Join us on a fascinating journey of discovery!

In deze editie

  • Archaeology and History Confirm Dozens of Biblical FiguresCan we believe the Bible? Dozens of individuals mentioned in Scripture have been confirmed from history and archaeology—living in the same time frame and locations in which they are found in the pages of the Bible. These finds are powerful witness to the accuracy and historicity of God’s Word.
  • Proof of God’s Word Through the UniverseThe Bible is in the crosshairs at school, in education and in the media. Can you prove whether it is truly the inspired Word of God? Remarkably, the latest discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope point us back to the revealed Word of the Creator.
  • How Do We Make God Real to Our Children?In our roles as parents, nothing could be more important than leading our children into a loving relationship with God. But how can we do that? Here are some practical steps to guide the process.
  • The Uniqueness of the Human BodyMany believe that life on earth arose by chance, with human beings as merely more-evolved apes. But the evidence in our makeup says otherwise—pointing to human beings as a special creation.

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