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Keys to Coping in Troubled Times

July-August 2021
We live in what seems to be a world of unrelenting stress—problem after problem that saps away our strength, sanity and endurance. Jobs, family, health, finances, the state of our countries—it seems that nothing is safe and stable anymore. So what can we do to cope? How can we maintain a positive attitude? Can we find answers in the Bible? You need to understand the biblical perspective on these important questions. You’ll find answers in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

In deze editie

  • Keys to Coping in Troubled Times When you face stressful, unsettling trials and troubles, how can you cope most effectively? Plus, what is genuine faith and how can it help you successfully face and overcome life’s inevitable adversities?
  • How Can We Endure in Times of Crisis?How do we keep it together in a world that’s falling apart? Where do we turn? Practicing these key steps will help us cope.
  • Bible Answers for Coping With StressGod’s Word gives direct answers to many of our questions about how to deal with stress.
  • The Parable of the Talents: Will You Use What God Has Given?Christ is preparing a people for His coming reign on earth. You have an opportunity to sign on and be a part. But that includes doing your part. What will you choose?

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