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You Can Walk With God

March–April 2022
We live in deeply troubled world. Everywhere we look we see problems. The last year has been one of immense suffering and death. It’s no wonder that people feel so depressed and beaten down. Where can we look for hope when things seem hopeless? How can we better cope? The title of this magazine, Beyond Today, points us beyond today’s troubles to a far different future promised in God’s Word. It also points us to how we can learn to walk with God, confident in that hope and in His promises. You can learn much more about that vital relationship in this issue! Read about this and other fascinating topics in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today. Download this issue in PDF. Individual articles will be posted in the upcoming days.

In deze editie

  • You Can Walk With GodDo you have a fulfilling “walk with God”? What does it really mean to walk with God the Father and Jesus Christ? Is something missing in your relationship with Them? Discover the vital biblical keys to a close, meaningful and fruitful relationship with your Creator.
  • Sexual Identity: Another Assault on Biblical AuthorityNew attacks on the Bible and biblical teachings from society and governments demonstrate the spiritual danger of the times—and for Christians to not fall into these deceptive snares.
  • The Curse of Inflation: A Biblical ViewThe ramp-up we’re seeing in inflation in the United States is the reaping of a bitter harvest sown by wrong policies. It’s important to understand.
  • Do We Have Valid Testimony to the Life of Christ?The story of Jesus Christ and His early followers is found in the New Testament. But has this source been faithfully passed on to us? And can we believe what is written? What does the evidence tell us?

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